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SPECIAL - Youth Alloy -10oz. $80.00 27inch, 30inch and 31inch minus 10ounce Green Diamond USSSA stamped bat 2 3/4 barrel.

SPECIAL - -8oz 30inch & 32inch 2 piece HH Green Diamond - $85.00

SPECIAL - -8oz 30inch, 31inch & 32inch 2 piece hybrid White Dragon - $85.00

SPECIAL - -10oz 27inch & 31inch 1 piece alloy White Dragon - $80.00

SPECIAL - -5oz. Alloy 1 piece 31inch, 32inch, 33inch & 34inch Green Diamond 2 3/4 barrel 1 piece USSSA STAMPED BAT - $100.00 while supplies last

SPECIAL - -5oz. 2 Piece HH White Dragon 31inch 2 3/4 barrel USSSA STAMPED BAT - $105.00 while supplies last

SPECIAL - 31inch -5oz 2 5/8 barrel USSSA Stamped bat - $95.00 Green Diamond model 1 piece bat

Monster Sale Bats come with a 7 month warranty.

If we do not have the length you order we will email or call you within 24 hours.

How do I buy the clearance/special sale priced bat? Chose the SIZE bat you want from the home page. Buy the bat at regular price. If it is listed in the Monster Sale the bat will only be charged the Monster Sale price upon order processing. Credit card / PayPal charged price will drop to the clearance price once the bat ships to your address. The price at checkout will not show the final price drop charged. The monster sale price will be charged upon shipment. If you have any questions feel free to contact us. MONSTER price bats carry a 7 month warranty.

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