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It all started as far back as Little League. I can remember going to the local sports store with my Dad and picking out my first bat. Year after year I would buy a new bat that had graphics that caught my eye and was produced by a reputable company. I did this throughout my career present and past. I graduated to buying bats online. As my vision became more and more executable, I began to put together the idea of Custom Bats. I was sort of a bat junkie and was drawn to my concept of customizing bats with custom team or indivdual specific graphics. In 2004, I went to a local sports store and paid $379.99 for a high performance bat having just few colors and design options and the bat just seemed like all the other top bats on the market. My bat was just another expensive bat and there was nothing really special about it for me. That frustration served as the driving force for me to map out my vision for MetalStorm Bats & Custom Bats. Why not create a bat that is high performance, optimal balance, has unlimited color options, has unlimited design options, and has a comfortable durable grip? Why not create a bat that each player can personalize with their ideals and team mottos or simply just your name, position and jersey number? Why not create a bat where an entire team can design the artwork as to what the bat will look like to represent their chemistry, their desire, their team? Why not have Home and Away bats? Why not give all teams the many options within a comprehensive Custom Team Bat Line which spans 5u up to NCAA? Why not create a custom team bat and also give each player the options for even more individual personalization? Why not make it affordable for all who play the game. Time for change. Many years followed in my uncompromising pursuit of taking this vision and turning it into a reality. After years of rigorous R&D, key strategic partnerships, and mounting personal expenses - MetalStorm Industries Corporation was founded 3 days after Christmas in 2008. MetalStorm Bats became the stamp on making the vision become a reality. The MetalStorm Mission is a living mission and in many ways it is your Mission. MetalStorm Baseball was created by thousands of players and for each player. We value each and every swing and we thrive in taking care of our customers. We hope you will carry your Custom Team Bat with you throughout your journey as a symbol of those special hits, those special teams, and those special times. We bring all MetalStorm Bats to you for the purpose of helping you get to the next level without having to spend a fortune each and every season on your most coveted asset in the game.

"One Time, One Team, One Bat. Tell your story!" My Best to You, Kirk Mayer MetalStorm Baseball