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Take Pride in your Bat
MetalStorm's exclusive X830 Alloy, precision-thin walls constructed with extreme impact technology; create the highest performing bat with lasting durability. Due to an increase in ball hardness, please be aware this bat is susceptible to damages in cold weather (under 55F). MetalStorm X830 Alloy is specifically formulated for baseballs regulated under the same guidelines as the NCAA and NFHS. Do not bang your cleats with this bat or have this single bat in a team usage situation as this may void your warranty. Please note - Bats returned within 30 days of warranty expiration will be heavily scrutinized.  

MetalStorm Industries Warranty Email

Ship warranty to:
MetalStorm IND
17252 Hawthorne Blv. 263
Torrance CA 90504

MetalStorm warranty will not cover returns that were chemically, physically, or manually altered including but not limited to overuse in batting cages, overuse, negligence, or improper care. MetalStorm Industries Extreme Impact Baseball Bats - Custom Bats delivery is roughly 60 days.

Warranty Coverage
MetalStorm Industries performance and durability is second to no one. We offer the leading warranty in the industry. We understand you need your most valued asset on the field to outperform expectations and be replaced quickly should a warranty issue arise.  Our policy is to provide you with a one-time replacement of your bat for one year after the date of purchase. MetalStorm will accept a warranty replacement should the bat be severely dented, the end-cap or knob are in defect, or other normal warranty issues. All warranty bats will be reviewed and accepted by MetalStorm Industries.The warranty bat may not be the same graphically as your original. Warranty bat delivery can range from 1 to 5 weeks depending on production capacities. We strive to be the best metal bat company in the industry so please feel assured with all your MetalStorm endeavors.

BBCOR 2018 test score 33inch .50 and 32inch .498 Does not get better than this!

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