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"This bat is balanced perfect. I love the knob and grip!"

"Good durable bat. this bat will last a lifetime. I demoed it the other day and i could not keep it inside the park"

"Great bat! Lots of pop & looks sick, will recommend"

"Back to the good ol days. You got to love the big barrel. So far I've used it in two game and it has lived up to my expectations. Bat has plenty of pop. I'm a 36 yrs with a bum left knee and was able to hit a bomb for a stand up triple. Anybody else would of made a homerun! The bat is not even broken in yet. Can't wait! About 6 of the guys on my team use it and love it. They all want their own."

"Great transition bat for my son. MAD POP, he says he loves the handle and grip and says the bat really wips."

"I bought a blue one from Metalstorm and its perfect. I love it. Sweet logo and I love that I am the only one with it. Way sweet price."

"Huge upside to this bat. Has a lot of pop with a big sweet spot. Highly recommend to any level of player. Has more than lived up to my expectations!"

"Got mine (34inch) a while back and am a certified Metalstorm Warrior now. It really is about time a company brings pop and price. I play in NABA and this bat is spreading fast! Thanks Metalstorm"

"I am 13 in Senior leagues, the sweetspot is a quarter inch longer than my stealth, the barrel is 2 3/4 inches bigger, and the pop is MAD. Oh ya, the price is 100$ less. Great Bat Metalstorm"

"used mine all season and love it. Great POP and whip. End cap on mine is fine"

"Just got back from my game with my new bat and I hit my first homer of the season this morning!!! Love the bat!!!"

"awesome bat and amazing price! I love the logo and my whole team swings Metalstorm, check out the custom bats!"

"great feel when you hit the ball really gets out there it might be a small company now but it will boom little top heavy but you get use to it after 20 swings love the nob"

"this bat has the most pop ever. 6 for 8 yesterday , 2 bombs. I love the balance and whip"

"bat has great pop right out the gate. extra long sweet spot is great and i like it better than any bat out there right now"

"Well balanced with amazing ballistic pop right out of the box.Great graphics.Three cheers for this new product at a reasonable price. My 13yr old is hitting 350+ foot bombs in babe ruth league. With much Gratitude!!!!"

"Kirk, these are the best looking bats we have ever seen. Our kids love them. We took them to a local indoor facility today. They were the hit of the place. We had made two dozen people ask about them. It did not hurt that our kids were crushing the ball with them. They had a great deal of confidence. My son had a whole high school team watching him hit. He switch hits at 10. They talked him into hitting 70mph, and eventually caught up to it. Several of them hit his bat and love it. I gave their coach contact info.

We play in Nashville this weekend. I will let you know reaction.

Please tell your people, our kids are in heaven. They love these bats."